Tyler Foundation Repair

​Problems with your foundation have a real potential to cause serious damage to your home or business if not dealt with quickly and effectively by a professional foundation repair team. That’s why investing in their repair, and getting the best team for the job, is of such vital importance. Our fully qualified and experienced team knows how to repair any foundations problems that your home may have, and it’s a job that we take very seriously.
We can fix foundation problems whether you own residential or commercial property. This way, you can always rely on the best to avert a disaster at your home or business.

About Us

Taking foundation repair seriously when you discover you have foundation problems is important, but it’s only half of the story. The repair work you have done is only a good as the team that does it, so finding a team that takes repairing your foundation as seriously as you do is the only way to guarantee the best results. That’s what we are all about. We offer proper and professional home foundation repair and commercial foundation repair, because we know the consequences for your home or business otherwise. It is this drive that sees us consistently get the best foundation repair reviews in Tyer.

​Having a seriously driven and professional team is great, but only if they can back it up with a range of unbeatable services. That’s still us. We are the true foundation experts that offer the full range of services that need to properly maintain, repair and look after your foundation. We offer foundation inspections, which can help you see if there’s any problem. We provide slab repair, pier and beam repair, structural damage repair and house leveling as of our range of foundation repair services. With all this in mind, how much does foundation repair cost? A lot less than living with the consequences of any foundation problem.

​Concrete Slab Repair

​Pier and Beam Repair

​Cracked Wall and Structural Repair

Concrete Slab Repair

Most modern homes are built on a concrete slab foundation, and although this can provide many advantages, it can still experience problems. One of the more common problems you might experience is foundation settling, where your foundation begins sink as a result of the soil underneath. We offer the best foundation settlement repair costs you’ll find. But we don’t stop there. We have every other repair service you need to. Whether you have a foundation crack, a cracked slab or need any other form of slab repair, we have it.

Pier and Beam Repair

Both pier and beam and block and base foundations are another form of foundation that we specialise in dealing with. These are often found in older homes, where the foundation consists of either piers or blocks elevating the home off the ground. These types of foundations come with their own range of problems, especially rotting and mold growth in the case of pier and beam foundations. However, we still provide all the repair services that you need, including preventative maintenance for pier and beam foundations.

Cracked Wall and Structural Repair

Problems with and damage to your foundation can often cause a range of structural damage and other issues around your home, including cracks. This damage, especially cracks, can often be a further problem. This is very true if the cracks are in a position where water can get into them. That’s why dealing with the damage caused by foundation problems can often be just as important. We are the foundation contractor that offers a range structural repair damage services to prevent further problems at your home or business.

House Leveling

Root Barrier

​Commercial Foundations

House Leveling

​Settling is a natural part of the process of having a concrete foundation slab. However, settling can be a serious issue if it goes beyond a certain point. It can often cause cracks and other structural damage around in your home. This when the process of house leveling, or house raising, becomes something that you might need. This is a way to prevent any further damage and is designed to return your home and foundation to its original position. It’s an effective form of settlement repair.

Root Barrier

Tree roots can be very damaging to your foundation and can often contribute to problems like settling. This mostly due in part to the soil and the amount of moisture. Tree roots growing too close to your foundation can absorb moisture out of the soil underneath your foundation, which can cause the soil to contract and result in settling, as mentioned. A root barrier, a protective screen placed in the ground around your foundation, can keep tree roots away and help prevent any issues.

Commercial Foundations

Foundation of your commercial building is something that you take just a seriously as the one at your home. The damage done to your business as a result of foundation problems could well be astronomical, so it’s something that’s worth investing time, money and energy into when necessary. Having cracks or other damage around your building could be a problem for a range of reasons, including damaging your professional image. We are the foundation repair specialists help you look after the foundation at your business.

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If you notice there’s a problem with your foundation, it’s important to act quickly. Your home or business could suffer serious damage if the problem isn’t dealt with quickly by a professional foundation repair team. We know this is the case, that’s why we are the one’s you can trust to get the job done right for you. You can reach us and get all foundation repair methods we have on offer, using any of our contact information right here.

“The work that Tyer Foundation Repair did at our home was great. They quickly fixed all the problems that we had.” Kane. C

“Tyer Foundation Repair quickly fixed all the cracks that had begun to appear around our home. They also got the root cause of the issue too.” Lois. C

“The root barrier that Tyer Foundation Repair installed works great. We haven’t had a problem since.” Brett. L