​About Us

​Foundation repair and care is something that you need to take seriously. More important than that, you need to be sure that you team you trust with the job takes it equally as seriously. There’s simply too much at stake. We here at Tyer Foundation Repair are the foundation repair team that takes properly repairing your foundation as seriously as you do. How come? Because we are fully aware of the very serious impact foundation problems can have on your home or business. We’ve seen first hand the damage and devastation it can cause both homes and businesses. Quite simply, we don’t want to see any of this happen to you. That’s why we take the work that we do very seriously. And that’s why we are the foundation repair experts that you can trust to properly and thoroughly ensure that your residential or commercial property isn’t negatively impacted by any foundation issues.

Having a team with right attitude for the job is one thing, but you still need a full and comprehensive range of services to back it up. Guess what? We’ve got that, too. We provide all of the foundation repair methods and services that you could ever require to repair any issues with your foundation. This includes repair and maintenance for concrete foundation slabs and pier and beam foundations. We can install root barriers, fix any cracks or structural damage in your home and level your home. We the foundation contractor that has it all. So why not trust our team? Contact us today for more details.